In case of an accident when the renter is the liable person or in another case of the car damage when there is no liable person, in cases where glass and tires of the car are damaged, the renter compensates unconditional franchise/liability amount which is not covered by the insurance company, from the deposit. In order to reduce the renter’s liability to 0 we offer to get additional insurance.


Additional insurance price: €7 – 15 a day depending on the car and renter’s driving experience.


Minimum price of additional insurance: for cars €35 / €45 and for passenger and cargo minibuses 100 for entire period of hire.


Maximum price of additional insurance: for cars 100 and for passenger and cargo minibuses 150 for the entire period of hire/rent


If you purchase an additional insurance, the deposit is only charged for the Fuel Tank - from 70 - 100 EUR.


Additional insurance for windscreen and lights

This kind of insurance reduces your responsibility till 0 only for windscreen and lights in case of damage.

Insurance price – €3,5 /day.